Gillette® Mach3® Complete Defense Smooth Shave Gel 7 oz. Spout-Top Can

Experience the difference that a truly smooth shave makes. Gillette MACH3 Smooth shave gel works into a rich easy-glide lather that provides irresistible razor glide for a smooth shave. Multi-layer lubrication improves razor glide while the optimized cooling formula cools and refreshes. Enjoy the superior smoothness of shaving with Gillette MACH3 Smooth shave gel. MACH3's Complete Defense against razor burn* (*compared to Mach3 Shave Foams) Irresistible glide Rich easy-glide lather for a smooth shave; Multi-layer lubricant enhances razor glide for a smooth and comfortable shave Soothes skin with a refreshing, cool feeling; MACH3 Smooth shave gel features an irresistible signature fragrance